Welcome to AIACE Ireland!

We are part of AIACE International which represents former employees of the European institutions. We represent Irish retirees from the European Union institutions and those of other nationalities who have settled in Ireland, as well as their spouses and partners. We have 284 members at present.

We offer our members regular social activities, and help and support in dealing with the administrations of the EU institutions.

Our Members' Handbook (to download click on Handbook above) is particularly useful. All members receive a password to access it. The handbook was last updated in July 2023.

We organise a Social Activities Programme every year, recently updated with details of our 2024 events.

The Section adopted amended Rules on 26 February 2021.


The annual general meeting of AIACE International takes place in Brussels on 27 and 28 May, and the annual congress (Assises) will be held in Catania, Sicily, in October this year.


Membership is open to any former employee of the EU who is Irish or lives in Ireland, or their surviving spouses. To join, fill in the application form on the AIACE International website, choosing 'Ireland' as your national section.

Annual membership dues are 35 euro; this can be paid either through the Standing Order form  below (which should be returned to our Treasurer  through via our mailbox at , or through direct payment by the member (informing the Treasurer of this).  Should a potential member opt for the second method, details of the bank account will be sent to them at their request.

We look forward to hearing from future members and to welcoming them to our ranks!

We recommend visiting the site of AIACE International, on which much useful information can be found, including their regular publication Vox.

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